curator letter

February’s Second Letter From The Curator

Dear Friends,   It’s not usual for me to write two Curator’s letters in one month – I must be feeling particularly enthusiastic at the moment!   February is the month for lovers and both Cupid and St. Valentine are … Continue reading

February’s Letter From The Curator

Dear Friends,   As I write this, a little sprinkling of snow rests on Tutbury Castle which enhances the medieval shape reminding us of the brilliance of the builders all those centuries ago.   The sun rises, which makes it … Continue reading

January’s Letter From The Curator

Dear Friend,   HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Lovely to be back to this glorious castle with the Great Hall fire crackling in the hearth and everyone happy to be back together after the break.   We are all busy dusting … Continue reading

December Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   Despite the softness of the weather as I write this letter in early December, Christmas is upon us. Although the skies are rather grey, the early sunsets are spectacular from the castle grounds and it seems … Continue reading

November Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   November is here and the grounds of the castle are covered in bright orange and red leaves blowing about in the wind as the gardeners try desperately to clear up. It was only a few weeks … Continue reading

October Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   I can tell it is October despite the unusually warm weather as there are autumn leaves blowing around the castle and my office is now inhabited by some strange creatures. There is the three foot long … Continue reading

September Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   Welcome to the very start of Autumn and we are not complaining at all about the weather this year for the season has been kind to us at the castle. Our main events have been soft … Continue reading

Mid-July Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends   It is unusual for me to write more than one Curator’s letter a month, but there is so much going on I decided to write another.   Today we have been planting out boxes of bright … Continue reading

July Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   Well we had a bit of sunshine and so many children this last term, I feel like we have had sunshine of another kind, I am particularly grateful to the small child coming to see Elizabeth … Continue reading

June Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   Glorious blazing June is here and I am as optimistic about life as ever which is just as well. About now, our overseas visitors start to arrive and one of the great joys of working here … Continue reading

May Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   That was an amazing bank holiday! All that sunshine after such a long, cold winter. Now its blue skies, trees heavy with blossom and the Castle flowers springing white against the brightest green grass. The castle … Continue reading

March Letter from the Curator

  Dear Friends,   We open on Sunday 31st March to a vibrant and exciting season for 2013. Although we have had lots of visitors come over the closed season for booked parties and historical talks, we really do look … Continue reading