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 Important Ghost Hunting News!


Tutbury Castle offers ghost hunting events with a number of paranormal teams, including some or our regular teams below. Please see our homepage for a list of forthcoming events.



GCUK Paranormal


GCUK will take you back in time as we investigate the beautiful and historic location of Tutbury Castle.


This West Yorkshire based paranormal events company specialise in taking you the public on a night of mystery and terror. With the many ghosts at Tutbury Castle we are sure to have a spooky night.


A night of fun with the team and plenty of scares along the way as we conduct seances,vigils and more, plus our team medium will be there to bring the past to life with the tales of old and spirits that haunt the castle.


Take part in many experiments through out the night to bring the ghosts out of the shadows..


Your night includes :

Mediumship walkround and tour of the castle



Glass moving

Table tipping

Human pendulum

Expert advice from the team

The use of ghost hunting equipment such as

night vision camcorders, EMF detectors, dowsing rods and much more

Be the ghost hunter for the night if you dare…


Website –

Tel – 07858 820629

Email –




Dusk Till Dawn Events 


Take part in exciting overnight ghost hunts and ghost hunt suppers from Dusk Till Dawn.

Visit haunted locations & experience scary bone chilling nights with those on the other side.

They’re waiting for you…….


Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire is very well known for its many ghostly residents.


With its amazing historical past and links to Mary Queen of Scots this spectacular Castle, which is still owned by the Crown is the perfect location for any paranormal enthusiast or first time ghost hunter.

Dusk Till Dawn Events the Ghost Hunting Company can provide you with unique ghost hunting experiences at this fantastic location; where haunted rooms await you such as the Kings Bedroom and the Castle Dungeon.


Why not join us for an unforgettable night on one of our ghost hunt suppers where you can enjoy a delicious meal before embarking on an exciting ghost hunt in the most haunted areas of the Castle.


Alternatively we also offer scary overnight ghost hunts where you can have full use of ghost hunting equipment to explore and investigate with before we split you into smaller groups to begin our psychic experiments as we try to communicate with the ghosts and spirits of Tutbury Castle that are said to still reside.


Join us if you dare!


Website -

Tel – 0115 9224881



H.B.I Investigations

Haunted Britain Investigations are an experienced and professional non-profit paranormal investigation team. We are committed to seeking and collecting evidence of paranormal phenomena to better understand and research the answer to the age old question of… Do ghosts exist?


Our small team of investigators are both passionate and dedicated to deciphering the facts from stories, legends and myths surrounding reputedly haunted locations through scientifically based research and analysis.


We are a professional group who take the gathering of evidence seriously whilst maintaining a friendly and down-to-earth approach.We do not condone or use any form of ritual or practice using devices such as Ouija boards, crystals, table tipping or seances. We are more focussed on collecting factual and tangible evidence that can be viewed and experienced by all.


Website –



Tel – Darren Nicholls on 07825 247993

        Lee Davies on 07411528848


Email –


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