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For the past ten seasons at Tutbury Castle, we have welcomed school and university students through our doors in vast numbers – between 6,000 and 8,000 per year on average. If there is one question that comes up at every session it is “Have you got any ghosts?”


We at Tutbury over the past few months have offered as a pilot scheme to a couple of school groups, a “History Ghost Hunt” and the sessions were a roaring – or should we say, screaming success. We are now opening these evenings to all schools and special interest educational groups.


The evening starts at 6.00 p.m. when the group is met by a costumed guide at the car park and taken across the Castle grounds with much story telling on the way about the type of ghosts visitors have experienced at the Castle. In the Castle tearoom, youngsters are offered a jacket potato with grated cheese or beans (or both) and drink of fruit squash.


After supper, the group will be collected and taken in split groups (if 30 individuals and over) around the grounds of the Castle, into the Great Hall, The King’s Bedroom, and finally – the Torture Chamber! Although the theme is ghosts, there will be a strong, accurate, historical content mostly covering the medieval and Tudor periods.


The evening ends at 8.45 p.m. when parents or the school coach can meet the students in the Castle car park for their return home. This experience is being offered as a school trip (for aged 9–16 years) and is managed, risk assessed and insured as such.


Prices start from £12.50 per head.


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