June Letter from the Curator


THAT WAS AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!  Thank you so much to all those who took part to form an utterly unforgettable three days. The photographs and scores of emails and phone calls that have been coming to our office here are, without exception, full of kind words and extraordinary images.


Of course Sunday was horrid and wet but still the students of Paget School in Branston plus teachers and hundreds of supporting relatives came to see the artwork, dancing, singing and giftware made by the students themselves building up to this event. Not one complaint in the rain but sunny smiles and lots of laughter and cheering! No wonder that school has such a great reputation for getting the very best out of its students. Congratulations to Paget School and thank you from all of us here at the castle.


Monday and Tuesday were really busy as were our Tudor dancers and musicians and I saw the stilt man making brightly coloured balloon dogs and swords and hearts for an apparently endless queue of little ones. The Knight school lined up the families with rubber swords and plastic helmets and the battle scenes and marching round gorgeous to watch especially the two year olds with helmets over their eyes. Parents and grandparents, all the staff here want to compliment you on such well behaved and polite children who were still able to let rip by rolling down the castle slopes and dancing in the much needed sunshine. The donkeys – always popular will be back with us for all our bank holiday and major events you will be pleased to learn.


What about that Beacon lighting then high on our Motte. I picked a man from the crowd to help me – Mr. Appleton . I asked Mr. Appleton precisely because I didn’t know them and because as a couple they had such wonderful smiles. He was such a sport and delighted to join in as the cameras below us flashed and flashed like silver stars whilst a perfect pink sunset streaked across the horizon.


Many of the photos sent to will appear on our website and the memories will stay for years to come.


Do watch the end of the very last programme in the current Michael Wood series on BBC2 “The Great British Story; A People’s History” – wait until the end – you will see why I am asking you to watch if you can.


This letter will change next week to announce more exciting events coming up for later in the season but at the moment,  none of the staff or I, want to part with last weekend. Much to smile about.



Best wishes





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